ERIK-HOMBRE HARNESSES THE UNCONTROLLABLE using the ancient East Asian technique of sumie, a black ink wash on handcrafted paper. He expresses his spirit’s voice through gestures of black and white strokes, both gentle and powerful.

His namesake comes from his father’s favorite movie, “Hombre,” starring Paul Newman. So, HombretheArtist (aka Erik Hombre Gudowski), a French, German, and Polish lad, is not without a sense of humor.

The artist was born in the hardworking and once-booming textile town of Lawrence, Massachusetts, a place once home to poet Robert Frost, who sold his first poem on Erik’s day of birth, November 8th (albeit, some years later).

Growing up on paths along the railroad tracks among the pine and birch woods of New England, he drew from nature. At a young age, Erik-Hombre began winning art awards. He later developed his passion at The Art Institute of Boston before opening his first professional art studio in 2019 in Jersey City. Where starts painting early with sunrises over New York City. In the tradition of the famous poet with whom he shares his hometown, Erik-Hombre’s road has been one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. Without the jargon, we excel at helping you build great product and service experiences that include branding, marketing, and advertising them.