ONE OF MY FAVORITE OBSESSIONS IS THE JOURNEY OF LEARNING AND DISCOVERY. I am fortunate and grateful to enjoy daily practice from masters of art. Since I was a child the creative process has intrigued me. I love reading, listening and watching the stories of how we all create our own masterpieces. Curious to see my artistic journey? Much of my work from a child through today can be found in my sketchbooks, retrospective’s on my early and later years up to 2020.

In the East, in cultures like those in Japan and China, it is custom to practice sumi-e, an Asian ink brush style of painting, by copying your sensei’s work. I’ve been blessed to study under the incredibly passionate and talented, Koho Yamamoto, for the last few years as well as Henry Li and other sumi-e masters. Koho Sensei is a 98-year-old master of the art. In the West, however, the culture is almost the opposite where copying is often shunned upon. For me, master studies are most often a blend of the two. Included in my master studies are some of my Pen & Ink work and other explorations.