HELLO, I AM ERIK HOMBRE GUDOWSKI – ALSO KNOWN AS HOMBRETHEARTIST. Answering a question I often get asked, “Why do you create your art?”

When I think about my “why,” the purpose behind creating my art, everything comes into focus on one thing, the calming state of zen. Life is chaotic and changing. Uncertainty and doubt surround us and bind us. We grapple with understanding the dreams from our left brain and the realities from our right. It can be overwhelming trying to make sense of it all. There are moments, though, like on a walk in the woods, where the beauty of nature overtakes us. She reveals to us something beautiful, slowing us down. Sometimes to see the forest for the trees and others to see a tree in the woods.

It’s this moment of enlightenment and balance that my art seeks out to give to you as a gift—a chance to pause, reflect, or think of nothing at all.

Be well, my friend.

And remember, in times of crisis and peace, uncertainty and certainty, the power of art and nature heals.